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Natalia is a professional designer and project manager with vast experience in construction industry. She is a consummate professional with over 20 years of experience in residential exterior and interior design and construction project management. This unique skills set allows Nat to fulfil her design professional responsibilities to our client.   
Alex is a seasoned professional specializing in business and economics. Through his career he developed deep knowledge of real estate market and construction practice in GTA, as well as an outstanding customer service skill. Working closely with a homeowner from initial contact until the final inspection, he is in charge of providing detailed and accurate estimate and 24 hour informational and technical support for our customer.
Vince is the Head of our Building Division. He is a highly skilled engineer who spent his entire career working with the largest construction names in GTA on variety of projects from subdivisions to high rising developments. He solved thousands of construction related puzzles, developed amazing special trades’ skills and gained colossal knowledge base and experience in every aspect of residential construction.


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